Wonder Tape, The BEST Sewing Tool Ever, How did I ever survive without you?!?

Omg!! How did I ever live without Wonder Tape?!? It is is the absolute best invention ever for sewing. I don’t know how many of you out there are like me and love to sew and make absolutely adorable creations but DETEST pinning. Well, needless to say, I am not a fan of pinning, at all.  No matter how much I pin there always seems to be slippage when I actually go to start sewing. Or else I end up stitching way too far in or my lines just end up wavy. Obviously pins are not my friends. But Wonder Tape by Dritz it is my new best friend. Not only does it prevent slipping and keep everything lined up exactly how I wanted it BUT you don’t even have to iron it!! But wait for it, it gets better, it doesn’t gum up your needle while sewing and unlike interfacing it washes out in the first washing. And no special feet are required to use it.
So let’s learn a little more about the amazing product that is Wonder Tape. Manufactured by one of the most prominent sewing companies, Dritz, it can be found in most fabric and sewing stores. I prefer to use the 1/4 inch and it has been absolutely perfect for everything I’ve used it for so far. Typically at Hancock’s you can find it in the ten yard rolls but online you can find it in larger rolls. With a ten yard roll I usually get several outfits done, it really depends on how much I use it on each outfit and if the outfit has ruffles or not. I have gotten in the habit of using it alot more than I originally thought I would, it just is such a great tool.
When using Wonder Tape you will be amazed at how many uses it can serve. I love that when I sew with knits it keeps them aligned properly as well as keeping them from stretching out the fabric as it feeds through the machine. Which is super helpful to me because it means that I can put more focus on my stitching and feeding my fabric through straight. This makes Wonder Tape an amazing tool for beginning sewers that allows them to focus and work on their technique. The fact that Wonder Tape doesn’t require ironing makes it that much better. With the Wonder Tape all you have to do is put the tape on the fabric you’d like to adhere your other item to pull off the backing tape which actually comes off am really easuly, even on a person lacking fingernails like me, then apply your other item. And you are good to go. Stitch away just like normal then when the garment is complete just wash it once and like magic the tape just washes away! Leaving perfect  straight stitches and even fabric!! How awesome is that?!? I’m telling yall I don’t know how I ever survived sewing without Wonder Tape. Here is the link to the Wonder Tape on Dritz’s site http://www.dritz.com/brands/showcase/details.php?ITEM_NUM=3411
Let me know what yall think, I highly recommend giving Wonder Tape a shot, it will change the way you sew forever! Til next time, happy sewing yall!


Wonder Tape in action, just peel the backing and attach to fabric, easy peasy!




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